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Moneyline Company ProfileThe primary business purpose at Moneyline is to provide a host of real time - financial / trade advisory services to clients trading on the Indian and International Commodities Exchanges / Markets and help them achieve their desired goals. aims to provide an internet based platform to reach out to a wider audience globally and introduce the highly invaluable advisory services developed by Moneyline Futures Consultants P. Ltd. to all who value highly accurate and ever dependable service.

A pioneer in the field of “Commodities Future Price Trend Forecasts and Advisory Services”, Moneyline was formed almost in tandem with the dawn of the Commodities Futures Trade era in India. As a result the brand – “Moneyline” as a financial advisory services provider, is a trailblazer and has a tremendous potential of being the topmost provider of these services to the best of customer satisfaction – worldwide and as well be a unique, innovative and assured means of earning huge revenues and boosting volumes, to it’s partners, agents and the Commodities Brokering / Fund Houses / Banking / Finance Industry Associates.

From a small humble beginning led by a single yet strong visionary, today Moneyline has a core team of experienced professionals from the Research and Analysis Industry, Brokering, Banking and Finance industry – who manage the company and it’s day to day activities and also enjoys the reputation of being the most innovative, successful and client oriented organization in the industry. Moneyline has almost set a benchmark for high quality research, success rate and dependability in its core focus area : “Future Price Trend Forecast” advisory service for the Commodities Trade.

On the strength of its varied products and dynamic services, the company has built up a growing base of loyal customers worldwide, be it individuals or large Corporates. Moneyline offers the promise of high success rates, world-class quality, dependable guidance and unparalleled performance to all who subscribe to the offered services for access to our multidimensional expertise in this industry. is solely owned and promoted by MONEYLINE Futures Consultants P. Ltd. – headed by Rajesh J. Shah, who also heads Adiraj Finvest Services Ltd. [AFSL] which was incorporated in the year 2004 as a Public Limited Company under The Indian Companies Act. The company has its corporate headquarters at Mumbai, India.

The Moneyline Group:
Chairman and Managing Director : Mr. Rajesh J. Shah
Executive Director : Ms. Mukta R. Shah


It takes only one to change the lives of millions.

One big innovative idea can build a Business Empire. It all began with the dynamic vision and pioneering spirit of one man -Rajesh J. Shah. As Mumbai’s first generation Commodities Analyst and Future trend Consultant, he also has a number of firsts to his credit. At a time when awareness and knowledge about the Commodities Futures was at its nascent stage, people had almost nowhere and none to look up to for correct guidance and ended up trading as per the apparent trend and eventually end up with high losses most of the times, he gave the trading community it’s first taste of highly professional advisory services which are truly dependable and available at all times with all the requisite support and guidance at each step to achieve magnificent gains.

Leader in commodity market tipsHe had himself incurred extensive losses due to lack of correct, updated information and productive futuristic guidance. Understanding the need, he then pioneered the idea of providing a thoroughly dedicated, real time advisory service that is technically and fundamentally evaluated, highly dependable with a very rich success rate to trade in the Commodities Markets for the entire rigorous 14 hours of trading per day. Each module's success is monitored on the basis of self real time trading on our trading stations. Ever since, he continues to pour all his specialized know-how, insights and ideas into the organization and along with his infallible feel for the constantly changing market needs, his sincere commitment to customer satisfaction through value for money solutions, a constant quest for perfection and a more target accurate guidance have all achieved a sterling reputation for MONEYLINE.

He also heads Adiraj Finvest Services Ltd. as the Chairman and M.D. and has been in the Finance Industry for over 15 years with an expertise spread in areas like Research and Analysis, Futures Forecasts, Financial planning and guidance etc. He has also been associated closely with financial products like mutual funds, insurance, auto / home / personal / project finance, wealth management etc.


commodity, spices, gold, billion trading tipsAt Moneyline Group, the quest for perfection and innovation is a passion. We aim to provide the most efficient, dependable and convenient guidance with an assurance of high profits through constant innovations and winning ideas with an eagles eye on the ever changing industry scenario. Our inner strength remains in the belief that there is always a scope for improvisation and we constantly strive to better our own set standards and record achieving results to set the benchmark for the world to follow. To convert the dreams of huge financial gains of the common man into reality each day by creating a smooth and a highly trustworthy path lined with unparalleled accuracy milestones, leading all to the high and magnificent flood gates of wealth is our vision.

Our sincere advice: Do not develop a tendency of being a Bull or a Bear in these markets. There is only one side to the markets and that is neither the Bull side nor the Bear side – But ONLY the Right Side at the Right Time. Our advisory services will always support and guide you to be on the right side.

Above all – we take pride in rising to being a truly world class INDIAN Organization and strive to better ourselves each day. An Organization committed to People from a Nation committed to Humanity.

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