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Commodity Trading - FAQ

Q.   Why have you not given any past performance records on the site ?

Providing past performance records is not a mandatory rule and the same can be misleading as the same can be manufactured by the end of day to dupe prospective clients. Do not try to look for something that can misguide you. Only trust live performance. Remember, after subscription by client, the sites showing fantastic results on the website, but performing poorly in real time, will later say that “Past performance is not an assurance of future success”. So judge genuine research quality and real time complete trading support only on the basis of live experience and not by past performance records.

Q.   How many recommended trades prove to be correct in the service provided OR the correct calls ratio ?

We have constantly been maintaining a correct calls ratio of over 97% till today with extremely high returns on investments per month subject to the clients following ALL our calls religiously without any further selection / modification / alteration of our recommendations..

Q.   We will analyze your recommended trades (Calls) during the 10 day trial and decide on further subscription.

The Trial is not a TEST that we have to pass every time. Only a person with complete knowledge (a teacher) can test a student. We do not give quality calls only to win a client and later let the standards down. These calls are generated and broadcasted to one and all, as per the then existing situations, fundamentals and technicals. We have proven to be among the Best and our track record and returns on investments to the clients prove everything beyond any doubts along with the fact of having a large client list which includes numerous HNW individuals and Corporates.

Q.   What is the Trial all about then ?

This trial is for you to get familiarized with the terminology of our broadcasted calls, to understand our norms, practices and style of functioning and leading / guiding you to generate optimum gains from our suggested trades in practically all of the commodities traded on the exchange, which at that moment in time, present a unique opportunity of huge benefits. It is just not possible for anyone to analyze the quality or the correctness of our calls in a few days. There may be quite some trades which have been carried forward and you may receive the then current state and result of that call which will not be feasible to enter then. All calls are broadcasted to all the clients irrespective whether it’s received by a regular subscriber or a fresh trial client.

Q.   How and when do I analyze the quality of the services provided ?

You will be in a reasonably logical position to analyze the quality after a month of religiously following all the recommendations and trading in all suggested trades accordingly. As you will also have the state of your traded account balance fund to support your views, your analysis will be more realistic. We are very highly sure of you not requiring any further analysis on that day.

Q.   Do I also get an indicator of risk factor involved in each call ?

Yes. Though this trade activity has an inherent risk factor in abundance, we follow a practice of providing the expected or foreseen risk factor level with each recommendation. The trades with minimal expected risk factor will carry no level. Then there would be calls with the tag of “Medium Risk”, “High Risk” and “Very High Risk”. You can trade with volumes in accordance with the risk each call carries.

Q.   I do not believe in the “Stop Loss” ideology / system and have the requisite funds to hold till the contract expiry date. Is it fine to wait ?

The stop loss level is given for your own benefit and not just for the heck of it. These are important pivot levels on technical grounds and if the trades move beyond these levels, they might further move very fast in a volatile manner and the losses accrued then can be unimaginable. There are several things happening across the globe constantly, which affect the price directions and volumes in commodities as basically they move in accordance with demand and supply situation all over. It is not humanly possible to be aware of everything happening and its level of impact on trades of all commodities, though we try to be constantly updated on each moment on all developments. Many a times the impact or the reaction to the developments is so fast that the movement in rates is triggered even before the news on these developments are received. You may never know to what level these trades could go to and the losses, though sustainable by some, may be very large. These losses are not the only losses that you incur if caught in such a situation – you also loose out on the opportunity the same commodity is offering in the opposite direction and also other trades as most of your attention and funds will now be centered and caught up on this particular trade gone wrong. Remember - Growing wealth is important but safe guarding capital is even more important.

Q.   What is the length or the duration of each recommended trade ?

There are all types of calls given: Intraday – which lasts maximum till the end of each trading session, Carry Over – which is taken over with the same targets for the next trading session, Short Term – which is usually to be carried over for 4-5 days or trading sessions to a maximum of 1 week and Long Term – which is usually for a period of 2-3 weeks or more.

Q.   What is the risk to reward ratio in your recommended trades ?

The risk to reward ratio is at the lowest in -Very high risk calls at around 1:1.80 and up to 1:6 in Minimal risk calls.

Q.   Do you provide any reports or pre-market opening calls ?

No. We do not provide any of these as these reports generally would have to be sent much before markets open and will contain 2 parts. 1 Part on the why and how of what happened yesterday and may continue further – which is stale news as everyone is fully aware by now and the other part contains pivot levels, resistance and support levels and also certain recommendations for the days session – again which may not be of much use as clarified earlier that changes are constantly happening all around and what matters is current live recommendations, taking into consideration the current scenario and not based on a few hours or days ago. The technical levels do matter and are extremely important but they would also go through a change with changing reality and Forex conversions and valuations. Pre-market opening calls are given only 15 minutes before markets open.

Q.   Then what do you provide?

No reports, No “Long Gyan”, No lengthy Fundamental or Technical lectures – Nothing, BUT Pure, high quality, Huge benefits earning LIVE Calls / Recommendations ONLY. SMS or messenger based Advisory Services on Price Trend Forecasts for Commodities Market Movements brought to you by “Moneyline” are based on a rigorous and comprehensive analysis of the Commodities market dynamics, movements and current conditions of Agro, Precious / Base Metals and Energy Commodities in co-relation with other governing factors like global and local weather, economy, policies, etc which affect the future price trend. Moneyline professionals constantly monitor the global and local demand and supply situations and after a meticulous - fundamental and technical analysis, generate an almost accurate “Future Price Trend Forecast” which keeps you pre-informed and guides you to generate multifold profits.

Q.   Any other support along with these calls or recommendations ?

Yes. A lot of follow up and guidance on when to book partial profits / 50% profit booking / Major profit booking and further modifications of the stop loss level on each level as per the profit booking advised and finally booking of all profits and exit. We also advise on premature exits or adding to the volumes traded as per the changing trade and reality scenario then. We do everything possible to enhance your gains always and almost hold hands to guide you till the very last step in each trade recommended. There are news and economic data broadcasts also given along with the support messages.

Q.   Can I call to discuss or interact on messenger regarding certain trades or on other issues with you ?

No. The recommendations or calls are sent in a style and manner which is self explanatory and very simple to understand completely. The trial period is also given for the very same purpose. It is not humanly possible for us to interact on a one to one basis with multiple individuals across the globe and also not necessary. This facility is provided only to the “Platinum Level” subscribers where one interaction is allowed per day on a one to one basis.

Q.   Why is no call given on a particular commodity today or for the past few days ?

These recommendations or calls are generated by us but the OPPORTUNITY is not manufactured at our end. Our calls are purely based on the opportunities presented by the current market scenario in a particular commodity and recognized by us as an opportunity or a profit earner, further analyzed for the risks involved and then broadcasted to you along with technical profit booking target levels. We have a policy of not recommending trades where, though the volumes may be large, but the current trend or direction of the trade might be against the foreseen underlying current or trend. We prefer to wait and let things settle down and enter in the overall trend and direction at better levels rather than simply recommend sell and buy in the same commodity if it rises or falls to certain levels which is a wrong practice as per our philosophy. Further, there are certain commodities which are termed as “Thin Commodities”, in which, though the volumes are large, the trade is highly volatile and to a very large extent also seems manipulated. The calls in such commodities are few in numbers, reason being, though outwardly these may seem very attractive or lucrative but eventually the same turn out to be the worst loss makers due to these conditions which are out of a common man’s control. We prefer giving calls with higher safety levels.

Q.   What is the meaning of T1, T2, T3, etc mentioned in your recommendations or calls ?

These are targeted levels of profit bookings where clients are supposed to book profits. If T1 is crossed then we look forward to achieving the T2 level and so on. Clients are advised to book some profits at each of these levels or hold on for next levels but with modified stop loss level as per each one’s risk appetite. This practice helps in improvising the entry level rate and gives better results on final profit booking and exit. But re-entry after profit booking and exit in the same trade is strictly not advised. Re- entry should be done only when advised and this is generally advised to traders holding at least some portion of their earlier trades.

Q.   Should I enter into more trades to improve my average cost rate if the trade goes against the forecasted or expected direction ?

No. Averaging in loss making positions is a practice which generally leads to more dangerous losses. This is certainly not recommended by us.

Q.   Will I be advised to exit the trade once the call is over due to all the given targets being achieved or the stop loss is hit ?

We generally advise the clients to keep modifying the stop loss level even after all the targets are achieved as a trailing stop loss, so as to extract the optimum gains as no one can possibly enter or exit at the best rates, but we can always try to achieve the optimum. In this case we do advise to book all profits and exit or book maximum profits and keep modifying stop loss. There will be no exit advise or further communication on the same call once the stop loss is hit as the call automatically get liquidated. There can be a stray case where, due to lack of movement, the clients are advised to book whatever little profits or losses and exit the trade as further direction may not be very clear. Lesser or thin volumes definitely mean more volatility and one should exit as soon as possible from such trade. High volumes also do not ensure of low volatility but there are higher chances of the trade going the right way.

Q.   What should I do in now, as the trade has gone way beyond my expectations in the wrong directions and I did not find it monetarily feasible to exit at stop loss level ?

Sorry. We will not be able to help on this issue as the clients are expected to understand the importance of exiting at these given levels in case of a trade going wrong. Our accuracy levels are extremely good and way above industry standards today, but there can be stray chances of such situations, due to several reasons, where the stop loss level gets triggered and you may have to exit. But holding on to the same loss making trade can incur deeper and dangerous losses. Avoid such a scenario.

Q.   I trade in only a few select commodities. Why should I trade in all recommended trades ?

Sure. You are right and you also have the right to trade in only those commodities where you have established a comfort level. But our advice is that you should spread out and try out all our recommended trades as putting all your eggs in one or a couple of baskets could prove to be more dangerous than putting them in many. All recommended trades can never go wrong but a stray one or two could and what if you have traded in only those two? It may also happen that the few trades that you have entered into have gone in the right direction but not achieved high results or gains in comparison to the one you have left out. So it is only advised and not stressed upon – that the client should take positions in almost all recommended trades to achieve better results.

Q.   How many lots should I generally trade in and when and how should I book profits ?

The number of lots one should ideally trade in would be in direct co-relation to the funds available and the spread one has to achieve taking into consideration our advice to trade in all recommended commodities. If funds are not an obstacle then we recommend the following proportion of lots to be ideally traded in to achieve optimum gains. Minimum of 1 lot in a high risk call, 2 lots in a medium risk call, 3 lots in a call having no risk level mentioned and again 3 lots in a very high risk call. The very high risk calls are trades where the direction generally is very clear but the volatility factor is also at the highest. So in such a call our recommendation is again 3 lots but the exit or total profits booking should be done in the 1st and / or the 2nd targets when achieved or as broadcasted and also done immediately as the volatility factor is omnipresent in such trades. In all regular trades some profit booking should compulsorily be done at the first target OR WHEN ADVISED to book partial profits, as this leads to the betterment of the entry rate or the cost rate of the balance trades and brings the rate closer to the stop loss level and this in turn minimizes the losses in case of the trade turning around in the opposite direction. If the trade is correctly further moving in the expected direction, the stop loss could then be re-modified as and when the targets are achieved or the profits can be booked at will or as per our advice. Trading in this fashion assures a very high degree of sizeable gains, as proven till date.

Q.   Can I adjust or alter your recommendations to suit my trading conditions ?

Absolutely not recommended. You may exit at any of the given targets or even earlier from the trade without further re-entry unless recommended. The targets or the entry, exit and stop loss levels are arrived at and recommended after a lot of analysis and we strongly suggest everyone to follow the same and NEVER ALTER OR CHANGE THESE LEVELS, though most of the times these levels will be in very odd appearing figures.

Q:   What is the difference in Silver, Gold and Platinum Club Membership ?

In Silver and Gold Club, the trading calls given each day are for Intraday trade or as Carry – over for the next trading day (BTST or STBT) use only. Fresh Intraday calls are given everyday for each commodity trade. The only difference in Silver and Gold club membership is that the Gold Membership is for all currently traded commodities and has an overall rate discount, whereas the Silver Club membership is for select sectoral trade advisory. The major difference is in the Platinum Club Membership, where there are long term positional trade calls in addition to the intraday and carry over trade calls. Trade in Platinum club trading calls would also require larger margins and so recommended only to High Net Worth Individuals (HNI). All these memberships are for individual traders only and not offered to Brokers or Franchisees / sub brokers.

Q:   What is the accuracy in your trading calls ?

Performance Accuracy on a monthly basis:

Silver and Gold Club Membership:
Overall Performance – 90.10% Accuracy
Platinum Club Membership:
Overall Performance – 97.30% Accuracy

Q:   Some of your Sample trading calls please ?

BUY CALL: BUY SILVER MAY MCX ABOVE 56260 SL 56050 TGTS 56854, 57385, 57981

RATE UPDATE: NOW AT 57023 IN OUR RECC BUY SILVER MAY MCX ABOVE 56260 MOD SL 56475 TGTS 56854, 57385, 57981

Please note : SL stands for Stop Loss, RECC stands for recommended and TGTS stands for Targets. Mod stands for SL has been now modified.

SELL CALL: SELL CRUDE OIL APR MCX BELOW 4780 SL 4811 TGTS 4663, 4583, 4457


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